About Nanna

Impending graduate of the University of Oregon with a BA in Psychology and English, and a minor in French. Aspiring therapist and nutritionist. Outdoors enthusiast who enjoys everything from trail running to skiing, whitewater rafting to hiking. Wordie and foodie who is comically abysmal at history (all those dates get me in a tizzy), science (thank goodness for WebMD, even if it is slightly panic-inducing when it comes to researching dodgy physical symptoms), and math (I have an app on my phone that calculates tips.. enough said..). Neat freak who cannot function with an unmade bed and messy desk. If the day escapes me and I still haven’t found time to make my bed before nighttime, I still have to make it even if I’m just about to crawl back into it. Adventurer who has traveled the world. Vegetarian who loves the smell of burgers. Go figure. “Reformed” sufferer of anorexia nervosa. Health and fitness obsessed. Introspective, pensive, caring and colorful. Poodle-mix lover; I have two cockapoos, but I love “poos” of all sorts. Should-be chief of the grammar police. Sauna and steam room addict. Blogaholic. Believer in karma and that everything happens for a reason. Anti gum-chewing: we are humans, not cows… Sorry, friends… Drinks alcohol once in a blue moon, if that… Nail polish remover goes on the finger nails, not in the mouth.. Spends far too much time looking at houses, both online and on foot; open house? I’m there! Has a hard time falling asleep without wearing her retainer, without laying out her clothes for the next day, and without just having eaten chocolate.. It’s a problem. Disagrees physically with Mexican and Indian foods, though I could subsist off naan bread.

Please don’t hesitate to leave comments so that I can get to know you too xxx


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