Give me a Cupcake and I’ll be Happy

Continuation from here. This is the last part of the account of my journey in recovery from an eating disorder and how my struggle with anorexia began. Keep posted for detailed updates, as well as deeper reflections on past experiences of life with a mental illness.

Today I am on the brink of graduating with a BA in English and Psychology, after which I will spend about a year in San Francisco, volunteering at help centers and applying to graduate school for marriage and family therapy. It will be hard to leave my current city – If you can call little ol’ Eugene a city – because I have established such a good routine, and I fear that leaving may cause me to reach out to former disordered eating habits for support. Nevertheless, the prospect of embarking on the next stage of my life gives me enough excitement to remain optimistic. My confidence has increased twofold since I have gradually gotten better, and I have also grown closer to my family since attending therapy. With a box overflowing with self-help tools, I know I have everything in my power to stay emotionally and physically well. The road will not be easy, but I sure am tough enough to tackle all potential roadblocks; after all, I have overcome so many challenges since leaving Rain Rock treatment center four years ago, and with this in mind, I am reassured that I can thrive in any environment.

Here’s to life, and here’s to Style and a Story.

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