My Secret Scrambled Eggs are Yours with Just Two Priceless Ingredients

I hate to toot my own whistle, but I sure do make the best scrambled eggs within at least a trillion mile radius. Their magicalness owes partly to quality – I insist on paying the price for good eggs – but mostly to the way they are cooked: respectfully and patiently.

Scrambled eggs is a go-to dish that is typically whipped up when time is of the essence, but, in turn, their true splendor – the natural butteryness of the yolks and creaminess of the whites – is sacrificed; eggs may be simple in stature, but this does not warrant less appreciation. By just giving your eggs fifteen minutes of your time instead of five, and a gentle “massaging” with a spatula instead of a brutal hacking, you can guarantee that they’ll repay you richly with their velvety texture.

In all honesty, I haven’t always been one for scrambled eggs – the quick-toss method employed by the unbothered cooks at boarding school put me off somewhat – but converting to vegetarianism three years ago meant I had to find healthful alternatives to chicken and beef. Freaked out by what eggs technically are, at the beginning of reincorporating them into my diet, I’d throw them on high heat until they were cooked enough that you could stab each individual piece with a fork and pretend you were eating poor-quality gnocchi, but now, having matured (wink wink), plasticy scrambled eggs are history: custardy ones are the new thing.


1: Melt butter in a small/ medium heavy-bottomed saucepan on LOW heat. 2: Set one yolk aside (per three eggs) and place the others into pan. Leave them to “harden” slightly.


3: Once firm on the bottom, use a spatula to chop the eggs up, making sure all the whites have been cooked. Keep heat LOW (I know, it’s hard to be patient when you’re hungry, but hang in there). OPTIONAL: Mix in a few drops of whole milk or cream. 4: Add the reserved yolk to scrambled eggs and gently incorporate (see next picture).


Once the yolk that was set aside has been somewhat evenly distributed, they are ready to eat: embrace the liquid sunshine.


Serve seasoned lightly with salt and pepper atop buttered toast. The smooth and crispy contrasts are unbeatable.

And that, my friends, is how you convert egg-haters to egg-lovers, and it’s all owing to two FREE ingredients: respect and patience.


Do you have any scrambled eggs secrets or funny egg stories to share? I’d love to hear from you.


2 responses to “My Secret Scrambled Eggs are Yours with Just Two Priceless Ingredients

  1. This is great! I feel silly for never even thinking of this but I think eggs are usually taken for granted and rushed. There’s nothin’ like a good runny yolk.

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