The Sound of Silence: Giving a Voice to Anorexia

Just what the doctor ordered on this lonely Sunday: affirmation that eating disorders are not weaknesses, but struggles, struggles that can be helped by something as simple as speech and an open ear. Join me in lessening the stigma of eating disorders by reading and sharing Allison Epstein’s inspirational “coming-out” post.

The Body Pacifist

ImageKristinSchmit-300x207Originally published on Adios Barbie, cross-posted on Everyday Feminism, and then appearing here on my own blog, because, you know, why not?

Writing doesn’t scare me.  Bats circling over the roof of my house scare me. When the spider crawling across my desk suddenly disappears and I have no idea where it went, that scares me. Writing? I’ve got this.

But looking at my blank screen while trying to write this post, I was terrified. I’ve barely said these words to anyone. I dealt them out on a need-to-know basis. My parents, then eventually my best friend, my roommate: these people, I reasoned, needed to know. Why would I tell anyone who wasn’t directly affected by it, and who would only see me differently because of it?

But I can’t keep this secret to myself anymore.

How am I supposed to fight against the stigma that drives sufferers into shame and…

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