I have officially completed two days of poppin’ my liver pills. And I’m not talking about pills that help liver function, I’m talking about pills that are made of liver. That’s right, I’m taking freeze-dried animal liver, and it’s all in the name of improving my iron levels.

What kind of vegetarian voluntarily ingests freeze-dried organs? A desperate one, and, arguably, a shes-got-a-few-loose-screws one, too.

Admittedly, I grimace wildly when I lift them up to my mouth – this isn’t made any easier when the recommended dosage is six large capsules – but, with recovery, I have come to appreciate the value of having a healthy body, and if it means that I have to eat liver to get there, then so be it.


Fortunately, Dr. Ron’s liver capsules are flavorless, but once ingested, I feel the need to counteract the disgust I have toward what they actually are with tasty breakfasts. In turn, this morning I “rewarded” myself with a sweet treat of dried peaches and a blueberry power muffin:

Blueberry power muffin and dried peaches.

On campus, I happened upon a sight that reminded me that although my head is often in San Francisco these days, I am still very much in Eugene, Oregon:

In Psychopathology class, we watched Take These Broken Wings, a fascinating documentary showing that people can recover fully from schizophrenia without psychiatric medication (see preview below). Currently, I am coming off an anxiety medication, so this video was just what the doctor ordered. 

Frantically scribbling down notes left me hungry for lunch, so I returned home to make a grilled tempeh salad topped with salted pumpkin seeds and crushed beet chips. This is the first time I have put beet chips on a salad, but in want of a little crunch and in search of some excitement, I decided that they could actually work well. And work well they did. What’s more, they’re a little more nutritionally beneficial than traditional croutons.


Post-lunch, I hit the library where I happened upon another interesting character. Shirt reads: peace, love, and weed.. California.

For a snack before heading out for a run with my friend – good news, I can now run 7 miles pain-free – I had some cottage cheese topped with granola and raisins. It was just enough and didn’t leave me feeling too sloshy to tear up the trails.

My friend has been having hamstring troubles lately, so after our run in the sun we decided to roll out our muscles with foam rollers. Afterwards, we talked in the sauna, and then, forced to exit due to thirst, we headed our own ways; dinner was calling our names. I had a power-packed jumble of quinoa, green lentils, and roasted mixed vegetables, with a side of pumpkin seeds and cottage cheese for extra protein.

No day is complete without dessert, so after an hour of school related reading, I excitedly tried an “ice cream” sandwich that is gluten and soy free, vegan, and raw.



The verdict: tasty, but no homemade ice cream cookie sandwich made with real milk.

And now? Bed. T-9 hours until I’ll be saying good morning to the swimming pool.

What do you think of dairy free ice cream? 

What’s the most unusual topping you’ve had on a salad? 


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