It’s a “This Time Last Week” Kind of Day

I have a terrible habit of “this time last week” ing.

For example, this morning I hiked a nearby butte with my friend of 10+ years, and although we chatted nonstop, while we sat under a blanket – though I argue it was more like five duvets worth – of sodden cloud, I caught myself drifting off into this time last week.

This time last week I had woken up to a view of the ocean in a bed dressed with fresh French linens:



I was wearing little to almost no clothing while drinking smoothies made with legitimate Middle Eastern Laban:



I was watching my little pup stare longingly outdoors while he cooled off his teapot on the stone floor:


And I fell asleep not alone, but snuggled up with the world’s best pillow:


Undoubtedly, these memories bring joy, but they also bring a sense of loss, and a sense of longing to be under my parents’ wing that distances me from the present, and thus hinders my progress toward living a life of fulfillment.

Instead of thinking about the beach, I should have joined my friend while she practiced yoga – also known as Downhill Diving Girl Pose – on the summit of the butte:

Downhill Diving Girl Pose

And I should have tried to appreciate the beauty of Oregon’s wetness instead of yearning for Oman’s sunshine.


But instead of slewing off a laundry list of should haves, I write this post to simply bring to light the danger of engaging a this-time-last-week mindset.

After all, you never know, perhaps this time next week you’ll be thinking the same thing about today.

Live in the present, no matter where it stands on your list of good days.

Do you struggle with this-time-last-week thinking? What helps you stay connected to the now?


4 responses to “It’s a “This Time Last Week” Kind of Day

  1. Ohh man, I do this ALL THE TIME!! I need to stop, no point in me dwelling on the past when I am missing the moments pass me bye in the now!

  2. I’m new to your blog but I am already loving it. Living in the present is definitely a concept I need to improve on. Oh well, I’m working on it and thats what really matters right!?

    • Absolutely, Lyric! I’m pleased to have met you, and I look forward to reading more from you, too. Your insight is great 🙂

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