Big Belly and a Bran Flakes Breakfast Date

After celebrating an early Easter – word of advice, restrain yourself from buying Easter eggs until the day before the day of – I needed to cleanse my system with a bowl of hearty, fiber-filled goodness; let’s just say that, and here’s another word of advice, eating a whole large chocolate egg in one sitting is not necessarily a good idea. Green & Blacks’ new product, of which I indulged in the unbeatably creamy milk chocolate variety, is irrefutably a good idea though.

My post-consumption face was definitely not this smiley.. Though my fat cells were definitely having a roaring party..

My post-consumption face was definitely not this smiley; my fat cells, on the other hand, were having a roaring party..

And my dog, being glued to my side whenever I return home, as well as fanatical about “presents,” joined me for brekkie:

Simple does it.

Simple does it.


Simple presents do it.


Simple cleaning up does not do it.

Despite my stomach looking like I’ve swallowed the egg whole, the rest of the afternoon will be spent soaking up some rays on  the lawn by the pool. I may have to dust off the old tankini though.

What’s your favorite Easter egg brand?


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