Nutty for Nutella

My relationship with Nutella has nothing but progressed over the years. The first time we met was in a Parisian cafe; I was a little girl, chilled to the bone after a day of being battered by the elements while we toured the city from top to bottom, and Nutella warmed me up with the help of his friend, a waify little crepe. Next, we crossed paths when our Swiss chalet boy sat him down at the breakfast table with us – yes, in Europe, melty chocolate is a perfectly normal spread for bread at 8am. At this point, Nutella and I were forging a practically inseparable bond, so it will come at no surprise to learn that he accompanied me to boarding school from the age of thirteen onwards. By now, however, we had taken our relationship to a whole new level; he loved being scooped up onto my finger and then thrust onto my eagerly awaiting taste buds, and he also loved the tickle of a digestive biscuit brushing against his sides. Nutella, my friends, is such an easy going companion.

Together we have leant that there can be mishaps along the road of eternal friendship; for example, I didn’t like when he decided to burn in the oven when I tried to unite him with cookie dough, and he didn’t like when I stuck a sharp and crispy french fry into him (note to self: the classic candy of chocolate covered potato chips should not be replicated using french fries and Nutella). Nevertheless, we have struck gold on some of our adventures, namely the one when we decided to make gelato together, and the one when we joined forces on the brownie front. Effectively, Giada De Laurentiis took our relationship one step further when it came to the former adventure – though I tripled, yes tripled, the amount of Nutella her recipe calls for because our love is so strong – and Sarah from  the Broma Bakery encouraged the latest brownie making activity, for which we will be forever thankful.

My favorite ways to eat Nutella are:

Straight out of the jar using a spatula, or, dare I admit, using a chocolate bar:



Dolloped on digestive biscuits and animal crackers:



Swirled in brownies:


And, what with our progressive relationship, who knows, Nutella Champagne Shooters may be the next stop on our adventure:


All I do know is that my close relationship with the chocolatey hazelnut goodness means that I will undoubtedly end up with a child like this:


And we will be Nutty for Nutella together.

What’s your favorite way to eat Nutella?


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