London Fashion Week 2013 Favorites

While at University in Oregon, my effort to be fashionable has plummeted. Big time. Not only do abundant mud and constant rain discourage me from wearing my nicer garments, the fact that I either bike or walk to campus in such elements means that I benefit from shrouding my body in boxy waterproof gear. I prioritize comfort, which means that if I have to wear plastic-like clothing for the sake of keeping dry for lectures then so be it. Plus, I’m one of those people that rain drops seem to target; it is baffling because often I see people walking through the rain with semi-dry trousers, while mine are utterly soaked. Come on Mother Nature, be fair now.

But even though I dress like I’m always going for a hike, as my mum says, I still know what’s up in the fashion world. For special occasions, I know how to throw together a unique ensemble, and for trips to the nearby “hipster” city of Portland, I dust off my skinnies, and whip out my cardigans, flats, coats, and jewelry galore. And this is all thanks to, one, spending much of my youth in London and Paris, and, two, reading fashion-related websites, blogs, and magazines. And although I’ll never be as well-clad as Miranda Kerr or Cara Delevigne, I can definitely try my best to look presentable. After all, what with the likes of Ross, Target, RueLaLa, and T.J.Maxx, there are many ways to put together a budget-friendly outfit; In fact, nothing gets my goat more than when people wear pajama bottoms and black, semi-see-through leggings in public. 

On that note, below are my top ten looks from this past week’s London Fashion Week. The Burberry show was standout, as usual, and the model I was most entranced by this time around was Cara Delevigne.

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Out of the ten ensembles above, which is your favorite? Which would you choose to wear, and where would you chose to wear it?  In a heartbeat, I’d wear the Orla Kiely outfit for a day of Christmas shopping in New York…


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