Valentine’s (tr)eats

I may have spent the eve of Valentine’s Day cuddled up with, well, myself, but I sure didn’t miss out on any treats. Valentine’s day has never been top of my list in terms of special days, partly because I’ve only ever had one boyfriend to share the occasion with (the other I heartlessly “dumped” the day before…), but, nonetheless, I appreciate all the hearts and pink things that decorate stores and supermarkets; after all, what evil can be committed with love all around?

Depression sometimes rears its ugly head around this romantic day, but I’ve skirted feelings of loneliness by realizing that I am in fact spending the occasion with my one true love, food. The best part is, chocolates will never disappoint and you don’t have to spend hours dolling yourself up for them. And on that note, here are my Valentine’s Day (tr)eats; some years I wear all red and pink, this I ate mostly red and pink…!

P.s. Yes, I am one of those people whose pee turns red after eating beets. The first time this happened, I practically had a panic attack because I thought I was bleeding internally, but then I realized it was simply a case of beeturia! Point is, you better bet my pee even partook in the Valentine’s Day red-for-love theme, wink wink

Did you do anything special food-wise for Valentine’s Day?


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