The Awkward First

The first anything is pretty much always always always awkward: the first child (sorry, that’s just a little poke at my older brother…), the first kiss (oh man, it would be awesome if I could have amnesia for just that one teeny tiny, but also far too long, part of that one “disco”…), the first time eating in front of your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s parents, the first thong, the first condom purchase, and the first time wearing high heels in public (admittedly, in conjunction with this, I’m still working on not looking like a constipated baby giraffe taking its first steps on hot sand…). But, no matter how painful firsts may be, they just. have. to. be. done. And so, here I am, presenting you with my first blog post; please embrace the awkwardness…


I met with Google about a week ago, consulting him (or her…) for advice on what to base my first blog post on, but not even he/she had a good answer. Unsure of what to do, I set Style and a Story aside, impatiently awaiting an a-ha moment about how to start “posting.” But, alas, that moment never came, and so, antsy to birth myself into Bloggindom, I have made the executive decision to just go for it; I’m jumping into the deep end.


Notice something spooky?



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