The Truth

Since about the age of eight, I have had body image issues. I always thought I was “pudgier” than my first grade peers, even though, through photo evidence, this was not at all true; I simply had a distorted image of myself, a problem that would only grow stronger with age. The thing is, with age, issues with food also developed.

Despite being unhappy with my weight during childhood, I ate well. Swimming came hand-in-hand with Oreos and Chips Ahoy cookies that my mum would place in a small bowl next to the pool, and ice cream sundaes, although consumed irregularly (my parents ensured “treats” were not customary, but they also never commented on them negatively; one of my mum’s favorite sayings is “everything in moderation”) were nothing less than extremely pleasurable, a mindset that drastically changed in my late teens.


Age 15: Just before things changed…

To be continued.


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